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  • Alyssia & Darcy

    Life has a way of bringing people together, and Alyssia & Darcy's love story is a testament to that. Alyssia and Darcy have known each other for over 15 years, having attended the same elementary school. Little did they know during that first meeting that they were soulmates in the making. Their love story came full circle when they tied the knot in Timmins, Ontario, at the picturesque Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa. On a perfectly sunny day, their friends and family gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion, a day filled with love and joy. Alyssia and Darcy's journey from elementary school friends to life partners is a beautiful example of how love can evolve and endure. Over the years, their connection deepened, and their bond grew stronger. Their wedding day was not only a union of two individuals but a celebration of a love story that had been 15 years in the making. Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa served as the idyllic backdrop for this special day. The tranquil beauty of the resort perfectly complemented the serenity of Alyssia and Darcy's love. The sunny weather added a touch of warmth and radiance to the occasion, making it even more unforgettable. The presence of friends and family added an extra layer of joy to the day. Their loved ones were there to witness and celebrate this incredible journey of love. The love and support from their closest ones underscored the significance of this day. Alyssia and Darcy's love story reminds us that life often has a plan of its own, bringing soulmates together even when they least expect it. Their wedding day was a culmination of years of friendship, love, and shared experiences. It was a day of joy, togetherness, and the promise of a beautiful future.

  • Janie & Nate

    Ten years, almost to the day after their initial encounter, Nate & Janie exchanged vows in front of their friends and family in Garden Village, Ontario. The sun graced the occasion, casting a warm, golden light upon the shores of Lake Nipissing, creating a breathtaking setting for their special day. Nate and Janie's wedding was a true testament to authenticity. It was a celebration of pure love and genuine commitment. What made this day even more special was the respect for Nate's indigenous culture, adding a profound emotional dimension to the ceremony. Traditions, music, and ceremonies were honored, creating a powerful connection between the couple and their roots. The couple's family and friends had a memorable surprise in store at the end of the ceremony when they formed a flash mob and sang "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You." The spontaneous expression of love and support from their loved ones made this moment an unforgettable memory for Nate and Janie. As a photographer, I was thrilled by the creative freedom Nate and Janie allowed during their couple's photo session. Their open-mindedness allowed me to experiment with new techniques and explore my creative side to capture unique images that reflect their love and personalities. Nate and Janie's wedding by Lake Nipissing was an unforgettable celebration of love, authenticity, and culture. This day was marked by special moments, honored traditions, and the couple's sincere love. As a photographer, I was honored to document this magical day and capture memories that will forever be etched in their hearts.

  • Mathieu & Colin

    August 18, 2023, marked a day of pure magic and love as Mathieu and Colin tied the knot at the picturesque Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm in Edwards, Ontario. This lifelong dream became a stunning reality as they celebrated their love in an enchanting outdoor wedding. The perfect weather, the joyous gathering of family and friends, and the radiant smiles of both grooms created a day to remember. Nature seemed to conspire in favor of this beautiful celebration. The sun shone brightly, and the skies were clear, providing the ideal backdrop for an outdoor wedding. The warm sunshine and gentle breeze set the stage for a day filled with love and laughter. What truly made this day special was the palpable love that enveloped everyone in attendance. Mathieu and Colin's union was not just about their love for each other; it was also a celebration of the love and support of their family and friends. The emotional and heartwarming atmosphere touched the hearts of all who were present. The joy and happiness radiated from Mathieu and Colin. Their beaming smiles reflected the profound happiness they found in each other and in the company of their loved ones. The day was a testament to their enduring love and the commitment they made to one another. As a photographer, I was honored to capture every precious moment of this special day. The ideal weather, the love-filled atmosphere, and the genuine happiness of Mathieu and Colin made it a dream to photograph. The stunning outdoor setting at Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm provided the perfect backdrop for some truly magical shots. Mathieu and Colin's wedding day was nothing short of magical. It was a day when dreams turned into reality, love filled the air, and smiles abounded. As a photographer, I feel privileged to have been a part of their special day and to have the opportunity to capture their love through my lens. Their story is a reminder that love knows no boundaries, and dreams do come true.

  • A First Look Before Your Wedding: Why It's Worth It

    The First Look is a relatively new tradition that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It involves the soon-to-be newlyweds seeing each other for the first time in privacy before the ceremony. Nevertheless, this tradition is not for everyone. In order to know if it is for you and your partner, here are some things to consider. The Pros As a wedding photographer, I am tremendously appreciative of First Looks for many reasons. Timing Intimacy Authenticity Timing Having a first look allows you to spend more time with your partner on your wedding day, rather than being apart as you prepare for the ceremony. It will allow you to take many photos before the ceremony. You can dedicate this time to capturing photos to you and your partner, or to have some formal images taken with your families. Either way, it will definitely add some flexibility to your timeline. Intimacy Couples should not only take the timing of their first look into account, but also consider the sentimental value it holds. Seeing each other beforehand allows you to savor every moment of your wedding day together. Some decide to exchange vows during this time, some decide to give each other gifts... it is a very personal experience and every couple can make it their own. Authenticity Your wedding is an intensely personal and moving experience, and a first look allows to photograph you as a couple during the first moments of that day. It will capture both of your genuine reactions, in the same frame as opposed to separately during the walk down the isle. (Many couples worry that seeing each other before the wedding will take away from the "magic" of the moment when they walk down the aisle, but that's not the case! No matter what, you'll feel moutains of emotions while walking down the aisle and during the ceremony.) The things to consider However, there are some things to consider before diving into a the decision of having a First Look. Here they are : Lighting Timing Tradition Lighting The first thing to consider is the lighting during your first look. If you are having a first look outside, from early to mid-afternoon, the lightning might be extremly harsh. A good photographer will be able to work with any conditions, but can help you pick the best spot to ensure beautiful, soft lighting for these timeless images. Timing Yes timing is a pro, but it can also be something to consider. Depending on how early you might want to do your first look (some do it a few hours before the ceremony, some do it a few minutes!), you might need to start your day even earlier ! This is something to consider when putting together your timeline for the day. Tradition If you hold traditions close to your heart, and value the walk down the isle in all it's integrity, the first look might not be for you. If you like the idea of sharing something with your partner, there are other alternatives to capturing a sweet moment before the ceremony, such as a conversation without seeing each other or a first touch. In the end, your wedding day is all about you, so do what makes you happy! Whether that means seeing your partner before the ceremony or not, is entirely up to you. You can always change your mind about seeing your partner before the ceremony-- even on the day of your wedding! A good photographer will be able to adapt to any situation and help you achieve any images you envision for your big day.

  • How To Find The Perfect Photographer For Your Next Shoot

    When it comes to choosing a photographer, it's important to pick someone you click with. Whether you're looking for someone to capture your wedding day, annual family portraits, or maternity shots, it's vital that you find a photographer whose style and personality meshes well with your own. Choosing the right photographer can be an extremely difficult decision. With an endless amount of options and hundreds of photographers to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your choice and pick the perfect fit for your needs. In this article I'll be going over some ways to help you narrow down your decision and help you pick the perfect photographer! Style The firt thing to consider when looking for a photographer is style. I put style ahead of budgeting for a simple reason : if you don't like the style of the photographer, odds are you won't like your images, regardless of what you paid for them. You are better off narrowing down the style that you love and afterwards finding photographers in that style, that can work with your budget. There are so many styles of photography available these days it's important to narrow down the one that resonnates the most with your vision. Are you looking for light & airy ? Dark & moody ? Bold & vibrant ? (If these don't mean a thing to you, I recommend checking out my other blog post : What do photographers mean by "style"?) Once you have an idea of what style you want, it's time to find a photographer who can help bring your vision to life. The next thing to look at is portfolios. Portfolios are great because they give you an idea of what type of images the photographer can create during your sessions! Portfolios can be found in a variety of format these days. Some have them on their website, some stick to Instagram and others have a dedicated portfolios to share with potential clients. Don't be scared to ask to see some extra photos if you can't find exactly what you want in their published works. Budget The next thing to consider is budget. Photography can get pretty! It is very important to understand clearly what type of package the photographers are offering. There are different type of pricing methods. Some photographers charge by the hour, some charge per photograph, and some charge a flat fee for their services. Whatever method they use, it's important that you understand how much everything will cost so there are no surprises later on down the road. It is also important that the photographer understands what your budget is so they can help guide you towards the best options available within your price range. COMPATIBILITY Once you've decided on a photographer, make sure that you trust them and feel comfortable around them. Feeling comfortable around your photographer will transcend beautifully through your images. It will be very evident. If you are uncomfortable with something or don't like how they operate their business then it's time to move on and find someone else. The reason why this is so important is because when you get in front of the camera for your session, it is an emotional experience for everyone involved (including the photographer). You want to feel comfortable enough around your photographer that any nervousness goes away and allows you to truly be yourself. You want the photographer to understand what makes you tick so they can capture all of those special moments while they happen (not after they have passed). Your photographer should be someone who knows how to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera but also knows how to make them feel relaxed at the same time (this makes all the difference!). Communication It's important to have a conversation with your potential photographer about how they work with couples before booking them so that there are no surprises down the track! The communication aspect of your relation (because yes, you will develop a relationship with your photographer!) is fundamental in making sure that both parties are aware of the expectations and the end result. This means having an open line of communication throughout the entire process. If one of you is not happy with something, it's better to address it straight away rather than letting it build up and cause issues later on. Here are some questions to ask yourself when hiring a photographer: Do you have a good vibe? Are our personnalities compatible ? Do they seem like someone who will be able to capture the most special moments of your day? Are they friendly and easy-going? Do they listen carefully and understand what your needs are? Do they answer all of your questions without hesitation? Do they show up on time (or better yet, early!) for our consultation meeting? Do they respond quickly to emails? Do they provide samples of previous work so you can see his style in action? Do they offer any recommendations for other vendors that would fit well with our style or budget? All in all All things considered, it is super important to consider these 4 elements when searching for your potential photographer. The style, budget, compatibility & communication : these elements can make a world of difference in the final product as well as your experience throughout the whole process.

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