If you always dreamt about your backyard wedding, but cannot imagine anything but a white dress, Kim & David's "I Do BBQ" party is the perfect inspiration for you. There are so many things to say about this wedding, from the vintage feel to the rock'n'roll vibe & the laid back atmosphere.

I've known Kim & David since high school. I remember spending hours in Kim's bedroom listening to music, talking about our crushes and playing Guitar Hero. I like to tell myself that I knew those two were perfect for each other ever since high school, but honestly, I think everyone could tell. They were both talented, had great taste in music & could make each other laugh. It's amazing to see that more than 10 years later, nothing has changed.

This rock'n'roll, bohemian wedding was perfect. Despite that it was one of the hottest days of the summer, their "I Do BBQ" was everything a perfect backyard wedding needs.

This kind of a wedding is a true reflection on its couple and what they believe in.

Congratulations again! 🖤✨